Monday, June 8, 2009

Why are Mondays so busy?????

BUZZZzzzzz.....Whack! Hummm/grunt.... BUZZZzzzzz.....Whack!


Oops, I just realized I was yelling - just trying to talk over the noise of the ALARM CLOCK!

There, now that that is out of the way, back to the question - Why are Monday's so busy?? And, not only that, but why don't I ever get anything done on Mondays? Well, that's how it seems though I am constantly assured that things are often different than they appear.

Today was interesting. Started off with a cup of coffee, shower and get ready for a school board meeting. Nothing like starting off with a bang, huh. By the time my pot of coffee was gone, it was time to head off to the meeting which started at 6:30 a.m. (yes I said pot of coffee - so what, I have a big cup). I informed the board chair that I would need to be out of there by 8a.m.

Tic Tic - zoom... The clock struck 8 and I ran out, jumped in my car and raced back home to relieve my husband of child care duties (he makes a great "Mr. Mom") so he could go to his own job. I was greeted by cheers and amazement that I was back so soon. By the way, I had to promise to be back to the house by a few minutes past 8 so that I didn't have to have a different provider come in to do back-up child care for me. I am still not sure how much longer the meeting lasted, probably only 15 minutes or so, but they had to go on without me.

I never even had a chance to change out of my "meeting clothes". Right into the fire for me. "HI, kids!" Now they are covered in God only knows what. Thankfully they are machine washable!

The kids and I played, ate, read, sang, watched a movie, played some more. Oh, wait a minute we did get something done - we vacuumed the play area. We, of course, meaning the kids. Got the kids down for a quiet time and cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast, snack, lunch and more snacks. What a mess!

Groceries, dinner, a couple of phone calls, send the last few kids home, clean the kitchen AGAIN.......

I am just now sitting down to do the post for today and I think I want to go wrestle with my pillow again. This time I dare my alarm clock to BUZZzzzzz. At least until tomorrow.

'Til Tuesday!

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