Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Packing, I'm Packing

I think it's about time to get my stuff together to go to SAN PEDRO, BELIZE! Just a few days to go, but I am working right up to the minute we leave - literally :{ Let it be sufficient to say I am anxious, nervous, excited and enthusiastic. Add to that the fact that now I am ready to GO!

I really wanted to pack up the house and just you know - move there! I mean, it's June 7th and the high was what should have been our low - it was somewhere in the lower 50's. That's it. I've had it! I'm ready to get outta here at least for a while. It seems as though my little while is VERY LITTLE - 10 days. Of course the time would very possibly never be long enough especially considering our weather as of late.

So here's what packing for me looks like: (no, I did not pack hubby's or son's gear. I figure that's their deal. They know what they want to bring.)

Nice clear bed

Books for the San Pedro Library
and Clothes for Belizegial's girl

A few outfits

Just a few more things

O.k. maybe I am a bit over prepared

Let's see if it fits

Um, I can't believe it, but will it zip?
-and, yes - the books are in there!

Yes it will

I hope my scale is off
like me, my suitcase needs
to loose 5 pounds, hmmm

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