Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm not Bipolar

BUT MINNESOTA'S WEATHER IS! If you need proof, just come hang out with me for a couple of days, even a few hours, would probably be enough time to prove my point!

So, Tuesday the kids and I were out playing alllllll day. As I shared, we went to 3'z Company and played on their equipment. The sun was shining. It was a little breezy, but it was warm.

Then there was yesterday, the day mother nature fell asleep on the job. (I truly think there may be a problem with narcolepsy in play here.)

  1. It was 34 degrees at 6 a.m. The daycare kids were being brought in with hats and coats on and/or wrapped in blankets.
  2. By 10 a.m. the kids and I were outside playing at the park. There was almost no wind, it was warm enough to not need jackets. It was already 65 degrees!
  3. We went from the park to Domino's Pizza and ate out - I mean outside. By now it was just a bit past Noon and was 70 degrees. Then we went to another park (People's Park) for a bit and climbed everything in sight before coming home to change into swim suits since it was now very warm with no wind and we wanted to put our toes in the water!
  4. It was now 2:30 p.m. and it was 75 degrees. and we were on the beach! (no we were not the only ones there either).
  5. we were done by 4 p.m. totally worn out and the wind started picking up. I think it actually helped me push the cart home is what I meant to say. Talk about going from 0-60; whew, the gusts were something at times.
It remained a very nice night. And as for today, I think we will have a wonderful day.

Here's some pics from yesterday at the beach:

"yes, I will stay right here"
yeah, right!

"The sand is fun, but can we
go in the water?"

"Yes we can"

"OOOOOO, this is fun - chilly, but fun!"

"Look I can swim!"

bathing beauties

More friends at the beach

Warming up

"Look what I found - a snail!"

"I think I see some fishes"

The boat dock just outside the swim area


  1. It was 30what? in the morning? Oh hell no! We think that Memphis has some jacked up weather but I think that you win!

  2. Thanks CBT, but that is a trophy I don't covet! We do have some wild swings in the weather. I know you have some interesting weather shifts there in Memphis as well - way more "warm weather wicked" than we get.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping up with me! Hope it is up to par :)