Friday, June 5, 2009

Detroit Lakes Invitational Road Slalom

It seems as though I have been on quite a tare lately about the weather, so I thought I would change it up a bit...yeah, right ;) Just outside my house there is quite the buzz, literally, as crews set up the slalom course. It appears that there will be a city wide competition with various courses and levels of difficulty.

Apparently the course in my neighborhood was deemed to be one among best as this is the 2nd annual appearance for us. I am quite sure it will wear down the competition and thin the field quite effectively. From the start at one end it is an immediate hard right followed with a sharp left a short straight then another left/right/right/left.

One may wonder what the big payoff would be to make people enter this Road Slalom, but it's all about the Benjamin's. The purse can be absolutely huge for a successful run. On the other hand, it can be devastating to have a less than stellar run. There is a definite correlation between the consequences of down hill ski slaloms and the Detroit Lakes Invitational Road Slalom.

I can't wait for it all to be over, that is when I will be able to declare myself the winner.

The crowd gathers to watch

The course -
Hey, one contestant already went awry

Wow, that was a close one!


  1. Too cute! I miss you, your such a fun person :)

  2. Thanks Kory! Max didn't think I could make a post outta the orange cones - ha - you'd think he'd know by now not to throw down a challenge! hehe

    Miss you too, but it has been wonderful to see you 'round town lately.