Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother Nature's Narcolepsy


Here's how I have come to that conclusion:
  1. My calendar says it is June 3rd

  2. According to my calendar we are in the late part of Spring

  3. Spring started around March 20 - again according to my calendar

  4. The kids and I have been outside playing as often as possible because of "spring"

  5. and right now, this very minute it is 34 degrees in my yard (it's 6a.m.) And, just because it's supposed to make it all the way up to "maybe 60" today doesn't change a thing! IT'S TOO COLD TO BE SPRING!
What gives? No fair! I'm gonna throw the biggest tempertantrum...and it's not gonna be pretty! I want 4, count them again, 4 seasons! Not 1 or maybe even 3... I WANT 4 SEASONS! Is that too much to ask? WAKE UP! Spring is almost gone, so what am I to expect for summer?????? The snooze button is only for slackers.....Get up and get your rear in gear.....I want what's left of Spring to be SPRING and THEN I want SUMMER!

There, I got that out of my system for now.

Here's proof that we were playing outside yesterday. We had an absolute blast. We went to a little place down the street with a bunch of big inflatable bouncy things and slides and you know...stuff for the kids to play on, in and around. Smiles all around - take a look!

This is at 3'z COMPANY - on the corner directly across from the Detroit Lakes Pavillion and across the street from Detroit Lake! The Phone # 320.420.1400 -Karen

*ya just gotta check 'em out!

Up, up,

up the steps



down the slide




Ut oh, here they come!


Where'd they go?

We had a blast "thanks Karen"


  1. Super cool! Had no idea that kids that young could play here! What is the price of admission... if you're not a daycare

  2. Speaking of fun...What a blast we all had! Karen has group pricing and then general pricing. I think it'd be great for parties too. anyway, I think it was $5pp with a time limit of 20 minutes for the inflatables - the time limit is NOT adhered to if there is no waiting crowd. She cut us a BIG break! Don't forget the ice cream and drinks. A great break from the rest of the world!