Friday, June 12, 2009

going, Going... GOING.....


Well, I am up it is 4:40 and I am sitting waiting for the airport shuttle. Can't get here quick enough!

So, back to Max's game: Coach let him leave early so we were on the road by 7:40 p.m. last night. COOL! Thanks Coach! Then when we got to Clearwater,MN Max decided to text a friend, Eiter, to find out how the game went (it was 10 - 1 when we left - in Max's teams favor). Eiter is the best. Totally had Max going. He let Max know that his team had let the lead get away and they were in the 13th inning...still tied at 13...and everyone had pitched except the shortstop - OUCH! Now he was on the mound - we will see what happens - text in a few...gotta watch this...

Do you think it occurred that there are no lights it is nearly 11 p.m. and these are traveling teams. Not to mention the coincidental "lucky" number 13 that seems to be cropping up. 13 innings and tied at 13?? Come on Max....He's pulling your leg.

Truth comes out eventually and we had a laugh, but Max wanted to reach through the phone to strangle his friend. All in jest of course.) The actual score was 11 - 1. YEA TEAM!

That's it...End of the game story. Shuttle time. Ready to GO!


GONE! Went to the Minneapolis airport. Caught the flight to Houston. Waited for 3 hours for our flight to Belize city. Then WAITED again for immigrations to allow one of our group to enter the country. Finally got that done. Then saw another of our group - a straggler that went through Miami airport to Belize City, Leon, - standing in the immigrations lines. Of course that means we waited AGAIN! Then he went to claim his baggage and IT WAS GONE! Nothing to worry about, it just has THE CYMBALS IN IT! You know we are just here for the Fat Cats to play for Lobsterfest. No big deal, huh. They can pla without part of the drums, right? HMMMMM.

Any way, we finally decided not to worry about the baggage. It will turn up - we hope. Then we caught our tin can flight - Tropic Air (wonderful people) to Ambergris Caye. We have arrived. Woooo Hoooo!

We got our rooms all set up. Had dinner at El Divino's - Grouper for me MMMMM! Then went to Pedro's for after dinner drinks - yeah right. We went there to harass Peter! Ring, Ring, Ring the Bell - Shots all around. Jaeger - the walls of Pedro's are lined with the bottles - I wonder why!

It was good to see Peter and his girlfriend Laurie. By the way she took me over to see Saga, the Vet Clinic. She does a great thing for the animals here on the island. How in the heck did Peter luck out like that? She is cute and nice and she is compassionate toward other living life forms. another thing that makes a person go HMMMMMM.

Back to Banana Beach, then to bed for bonzo....

Good night. Pictures later maybe.....
Ball Game (ummm it's time to go...)
One more at bat and Coach lets us GO!
Thanks Coach!
Bye bye, DL
Ready for the shuttle
Minneapolis airport
He looks like the rest of us feel - Can't they
make this security check move a bit faster?
Now I know I am at the right place -
Goldson International Airport, BZ

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