Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet and Greet at Banana Beach

Jeet Yet?????...No djoo??? Shweat???? T'seat!

Well, I won't need to eat for another month I think. Man was that good!

Truly the start up to a week of festivities at the San Pedro Lobsterfest!
I had WAY too much fun last night. Banana Beach hosted the opener to Lobsterfest and did they ever do it right! Pull up a chair and join in on a fabulous meal, great conversation and some fantastic libations. Appetizer - Conch Chowder - YUM. Brazilian Rotisserie - Beef, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Peppers, Onions, Chicken Kabob - NUM! Add to that the roasted veggies and potatoes that are to die for. NUMMY! Wash it all down with a rum punch and a Belikin or two. Can you beat it???? I think not!

don't slip with that thing
Doug, Maclesh and Steve

Now it is time for a FEAST for the EYES! The San Pedro Dance Company totally blew us away with their routines. How wonderful it was too!
San Pedro Dance Company
Great moves

Now let's go out on the dance floor, shall we? Oh, definitely. Dance, dance, dance! The band was in rare form (like that's rare). You can bet I danced every dance possible. After the Fat Cats quit playing I went out with some of the local characters and danced some more at The Tackle Box (a local reggae bar). Care to dance?? Next time it's your turn!

The Fat Cats
Kerry Boyd, Guitar
Steve Ingberg, Drums (he really is in the picture)
Doug Newman, Vocals
Wes Horn, Bass
Shot from behind the band
Lots of people up dancing
WEELLLL ya wake up in the MORNING
Doug is really belting it out
More reasons you should have been there

Again: photos don't want to upload. Will have to get to them when I am back in the states apparently. Stay tuned! Finally done with the photos Friday, June 26.


  1. Kory, Let's do it. Same time, same place next year!!!! Ya just gotta go! Talk about awesome!