Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day of Rest

OR NOT! Many of us consider Sunday to be a day of rest. This one was no different for me and I thought I had done a rather nice job of it. However, most people that have heard what I did today argue the case with me. I slept in until 8 a.m. which in and of itself is an amazing feat for me. I sat around and drank coffee for a good while in my jammies. Then comes the caviat - I went to "work".

Remember last week when I went to the flea market and told you about Cheryl Lynn's boutique? Well, she called me Thursday to see if I was serious about working with her if she ever ran into an emergency. DUH...If I said it I meant it. It seems as though her regularly scheduled employee would be out for today which gave me an opportunity to fill in for her.

I went in this morning at 10 a.m. and was outta there by 2:45 p.m. The boss (Cheryl Lynn) was wonderful to work with. There were no real expectations of me (bonus). This was something totally different from my "everyday" life. The customers were bright and cheery (unlike children's squeals and tantrums). And to top it all off, I get more clothes from Cheryl Lynn's Boutique. It's like I got paid for playing - WOO HOO!

So I feel rested and I think that is what counts!

This is where Cheryl Lynn's is located
Cheryl Lynn talking with a customer
"Thank you for being so patient,
your wife should be out soon"
Working hard
"what do you mean you can't find her?"
Cash is good.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I never knew that I had a deadline for doing my posting on this blog, but I am finding that people have definite expectations. So, here I am at 9something p.m. (almost typed p.j. - can you tell what I'm thinking?) making an attempt to satisfy not only the wishes of others, but also keep my daily posting going (we will see how long that lasts, huh). I was challenged to try for 30 days to post daily by Carbunkle Trumpet. Ya know, sometimes I love a challenge.

Anyway, I am totally exhausted. Rather than 6 kids I only had 4 overnight and today. Normally that would be a good thing, however, one was up most of the night with an asthmatic cough which means that I was up most of the night with a kid with an asthmatic cough. Gosh, can't they take care of them selves at 15 months yet???? hehe What a cutie he is though and in the best of temperaments through it all. He is well worth the loss of sleep.

Earlier in the week I mentioned that I was excited for this weekend to get here because of the street faire here in town. The kids and I made our way up there and truly enjoyed ourselves looking at all the stuff. Stuff, stuff and more stuff. Wow was there a lot of stuff.

Normally I am a window shopper. I look and leave. No purchase necessary to look, right? However I felt compelled to purchase a CD from a musician that was performing on the sidewalk. His name was Paul Imholt. My reasoning is as follows: 1) He immediately addressed the kids; 2) He engaged them in playing some instruments - tambourine, sticks, bells and a shaker- and taught them a song about rutabagas and squash (yes, that is what the song was about); 3) He allowed them to ask questions about all the different instruments he had with him - banjo, acoustic guitar, viola, mandolin, etc. ; 4) He gently guided my little mischievious one back to me when the viola became too enticing.; 5) His music was enjoyable and relaxing. P.S. Good CD! The Psalms is the title of the one I chose to purchase.

Once we made a lap around the exhibitors we took a few minutes to grab a smoothie for each of the kids and sit and listen to some music from the entertainment stage. I have no clue who was playing, but they played a kind of celtic music - very nice if you were to ask me. The kids enjoyed it also and began to dance around and play to the crowd. Definite hams, they are!

With the short break concluded it was back to the exhibits as we had yet to find the kiddie section. Not to worry - it was planned that way so we headed directly in that direction now. With each step the excitement grew. Face paint, beading, kiddie rides, balloons, toys - absolute nirvana just ask them. It was the best. "Pay your money... step right please...choose your car sir/madam...all aboard". Big bright smiles...flaming red hair streaming in the breeze...steering wheels spinning with complete abandon...FUN at it's BEST.

Exit the train straight to the face paint. Unicorn, butterfly and a rocket - can you guess which one was the boy. and if you are counting - I didn't let the baby partake in this one (yes, I know I am mean, hehe). Now we choose a balloon on a stick and head for the car.

Our time at the street faire has come to a close. Parents will be picking up soon AND my mom was coming up to visit for a few minutes. Gotta get home when Mama says, right?

Pics at some point, but for now at still 9 somethingish p.m. it's time for bonzo to go to bed. Nite all!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lake Shirts Parade

Everybody loves a parade! We are no different. As soon as I read that there would be a community parade celebrating one of our local companies achievements, I knew we would have to be there!

Mistake #1 Telling the kids in advance about the plan
Mistake #2 Scheduling an appointment with a program provider one hour prior to parade start
Mistake #3 Not bringing enough bags for candy collection

Pay off ---- Priceless! The kids loved it!

We had been watching our high school band practice for about a week prior to this parade (not knowing why they were marching around the neighborhood). The kids were thrilled to see them in the parade. By the way - great job DLHS Band and kudos to director, Heather Trowbridge.

The majority of the parade entrants threw out candies for the kids along the parade route. My group ended up making out like bandits. Ever try to catch a kid that's hyped up on sugar. Thankfully it was almost time for them to go home for their parents to deal with. I am sure they will thank me later, hehe. I will just tell them to: Thank Lake Shirts!

My beautiful crew
(big red stroller and dog included)

Detroit Lakes High School Band

What a group
This vehicle in honor of Patricia Warren

Zorbas/Lake Shirts

Yes - inventory is what it's about


Dress shirts :)

Great Dane!

Hanging out at the lake -Tanks

Wildlife shirts

Animal print shirts
(for humans, of course)

Hunting for Pink flamingos
cleaning house??

Novel T's

Sports shirts

Button down shirts for the rider in you

Rockin' shirts

'round here ya never know if it's
summer or winter- shirts

The crazy things we do - shirts

The candy scramble

Detroit Lakes finest

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bit Shaken

Paradise was shaken this morning by an earthquake centering from Honduras.
Earthquake DetailsMagnitude 7.1 Date-Time Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 08:24:45 UTCThursday, May 28, 2009 at 03:24:45 AM at epicenter
NOAA says there may be a Tsunami.

The people of this region are a hardy, amazing, colorful, steadfast, and strong-willed. I know what ever comes their way they will pull through. Forgive me if I seem to be a bit shook up right now, but my heart and prayers go out for this Eden on Earth.

I will post some of the beautiful pictures of La Isla Bonita from our past visits at a later time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mid-way Through the Week

It's Wednesday - Should I look forward to the weekend or back to last?

I know, I've always been a multi-tasker so, how about both?

Last weekend was such a blast. I went to Buffalo River State Park, fishing from the boat, out to eat at Beachfront Bar and Grill, shopping at the flea market - where I went to my fav store, Cheryl Lynns, saw a parade, watched the middle school band play "get on down the road", went through the Avenue of Flags at the Oak Grove Cemetary (beautiful tribute to the fallen soldiers), went to the Memorial Day service at the city park, took my son to Fargo to meet his girl (I went shopping all by myself), and even got my house straightened up. Phew, I'm tired...Goodnite!

Oops. I'm supposed to look forward too. This weekend I think I have 6 kids - lucky for me there are lots of going's on here in town. There is a street faire being held this Saturday and Sunday. Lots of local artisans, musicians, and general vendors display their wares up and down the main streets of Detroit Lakes. I always find it hard to believe there are so many different types of shops set up and removed in such a short time. Looks like a tent village, but what a wonderful village for the shopper in me.

I do think the kids will enjoy walking from the house to the street faire. It's always nice to enjoy some fresh air, get some exercise and see all the people look and stare (1 adult and how many kids?).

Once at the street faire they will have many things to ask me to buy for them. It goes something like this: 'Terrie, please, please buy this for me. My mommy won't ever by me things, but you're nice, pretty please? I really need it. Why don't you ever buy me anything?' then approximately 30 seconds later an other object will be held up with the same chorus being sung.

And I want to take them why???? Because they will experience different people, cultures, music, and there's kiddie rides. They will get to have street vendor foods such as karmel korn, OOfda Taco's, Italian Ice....MMMM now I'm hungry---Be Right Back.......

O.k., now back to the street faire with the kids. As for the kiddie rides - they generally have a train, which is a bunch of small cars pulled by a tractor; a couple of bouncy blow up thingys; and the horse and carriage rides (my personal favorite - yes, I am a kid too).

The parents will be here to pick up the kids before I even realise that my time has passed. They will wonder what the heck happened to their wonderful angels as they are now all hyped up on cotton candy, soft drinks and sensory stimulation from the fare. But what a blast we will have had.

Is it Saturday yet?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to regularly scheduled program

UMMMM, I mean work week -

Here we are again, back to another work week - shortened for me because I closed the daycare for Memorial Day. My husband served in the Navy, my father served in the Air Force, friends that have served in various capacities in the services and to top that off I also have former daycare and foster care kids that are currently serving in the National Guard Reserves. If that doesn't make me feel old, nothing will! They all deserve my respect!

Well, I opened my eyes at 5 A.M. today to find that it is still raining. That means 12 kids in the house today. FUN, huh. Can you say play dough, craft time, story time, don't eat the marker, haha you do look good in purple face paint. We will have a blast no matter what happens. I will try to snap a few pics as the day goes on.

Ring around the rosie

Ashes, ashes. All fall down.

I've got it!

See, we know how to share

Watch out 8 ball is next

Red paint plus Blue paint equals.....

....Purple gloves

For all of us


Monday, May 25, 2009

Begin by Thanking a Veteran






There was a beautiful parade and ceremony to acknowledge the service, valor and sacrifice of our veterans and currently serving military personnel. I was there and took photos. More to come later...
Old Glory and the Color Guard
Color Guard
Tribute to a fallen hero, Troy Linden
Paul Dierkheising and the
Detroit Lakes Middle School Band
Brass - brass is good (there's Max)
Beautiful Percherons

Crowd gathering for the ceremony

DLMS band students
They played our National Anthem
Great job everyone
Key note speaker, Dennise Milton, U.S.A.R.,
past 9th District American Legion commander,
and chaplain for the Minnesota Chapter
Dorothy Satrom and the Middle School Choir
"America the Beautiful"
Donald Thorp, American Legion CommanderSymbolic wreaths on the symbolic grave
1. Disabled American Vetrans
2. Vetrans of Foreign Wars
3. American Legion Auxiliaries

Son needs to go meet up with his friend (of course, I am his chauffeur).