Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fight or Flight

It's never any fun having to fighting with anyone. But sometimes it's worth it in the long run. You have to know what I mean. And, No I am not in a spat with my husband or anything like that. Lucky for me an actual arguement has only happened when he tried to teach me how to golf (note to self - golfing is not for me).

Kids, in general, are not a problem either. Unless, of course, they are your own and they are teens or pre-teens or twenteens or.......just plain yours. But, I am not even fighting with kids. Mine or otherwise.

Day care parents you ask.......Nope, not them either. They have been awesome. Besides that they even take pretty good care of me. I guess you might say I've got a great crop of families in the daycare.

So, by now you are wondering who I could possibly be fighting with...


That's who. ID, EGO, SELF. You had better bet that I put money on ME to win.

Here's the deal. It always happens (if you look back through the posts you will see what I mean).

Here I am getting ready for a trip and WHAM! I get whacked by the first punch. That's right, a sucker punch. Anxiety has snuck up and pummeled me good. "Do you have every thing done? Contingency plans in place? Are your daycare kids gonna be o.k.? Will your daycare families make it through without too much stress. Did you pay all the bills? You know you will forget something?"

Then there's the BOOM! You guessed it, sucker punched again. This time it is self-doubt! "You know you forgot something. You never do that right. You should have done that too." I know we all deal with this one, but it is never fun.
Oh, wait. There's a BANG to go with the other blows. This one almost takes me out. Creeping in to the scene is worry. How can that happen with so much planning? "What if something goes wrong? What will happen if you miss your flight? What if you oversleep? What if your car breaks down? What if the weather won't cooperate? What if you get sick? What if your family gets sick? What if........"
So, how is a person to react? How will I react.
That is easy........
See, told you I would win! Leaving Friday! I'm packed! And, I DON'T CARE WHAT PUNCHES ARE THROWN! I'm ready to FLIGHT!

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