Thursday, June 18, 2009

OMG - I can't believe how time flies....

Belize time is supposed to run at a pace that is, shall we say, flexible. There is no way that it should be Thursday already, however that is exactly what my calendar says. ARGH... Where is my Belize watch...It should only be Monday night, right???

Oh well, let me catch you up on what has been happening since I dropped off the face of the blog...

Monday night - Fido's - what a blast - DANCE DANCE DANCE
Max followed a girl home, sort of and scared the poo outta me. He went for a walk on the beach from Fido's with a girl (cute as could be) and of course he didn't come back soon enough.

Tuesday we chilled
It rained off and on most of the day which for me is a good thing because it makes me slow down. Those of you that know me understand that I don't slow down unless I am forced to. What can I say - it was good to slow down :)
Tuesday afternoon we did go snorkeling at Mexico Rocks and Tres Cocos...AWESOME! Like swimming in an aquarium. Squid, Wrasses, Dori's Angels, Triggers (my favorite- undulated trigger) and of course corals! It was not at all like Hol Chan or Shark Ray Alley in that the marine life in the area were much calmer. Did I say AWESOME. Both areas were fantastic!

Wednesday - We chilled again - More on again, off again rain (not bad though)
We went shopping in town and had lunch at Blue Water Grill (always good)
By 6 30 the Fat Cats had set up at Pedro's for a couple of sets! Lobster Pizza anyone? Goes great with an ice cold Belikin! I made Wade the Gringo dance with me. Wade made his boss, Mike, dance with me. I danced with some other wonderful people including Walter (love his dreads). There were people there that I have talked to but had never met. Ya gotta love the Ambergris Caye message board. I met Purdy Girl, and ran into KC Jayhawk and his wife again, not to mention Colomojo and her hubby....I can't wait to meet the rest!
Speaking of rest - We needed some rest since we had a trip to the mainland set for morning. Made it to bed by 12 A.M.

Thursday - Up by 6 breakfast by 620 on the boat by 7 head to Lamanai (Pronounced Lam-an-I by the spaniards and picked up by by the rest of civilization) (Pronounced Lam-in-I-een by the maya) The difference is in the literal translation - the first is boggy bugs, the second is submerged crocodile.
We took a boat from the dock outside the resort (piloted by Sylvan and tended by Jovani of SEAduced) We stopped at Bomba Village - met some wonderful people
Went on the bus to the Lamanai Outpost where we picked up Eddie (our Lamanai tour guide
Then back on a boat to the Laminai Ruins. How wonderful.
Our guided tour was amazing. You will have to wait til later to hear more....

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