Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Look Back

Not too far, mind you.
I got a late start this morning. Didn't even hit the shower until 5:30. My first daycare family walked in this morning and the mom said to me "wow, you always have groceries on the table in the morning. You must do your shopping late at night?!" Of course, I am thinking to myself (and now out loud in this forum) 'exactly when else would I have time to do it'. My actual response was: "I actually think I shop in my sleep at times". I think I must shop while hungry and while sleeping - I can't believe I haven't had a car accident (falling asleep at the wheel is dangerous you know).

Julie, the store clerk that throws things
at me. She is a riot and is the reason I
go to central Market
Ut oh, she's going to get me!

I think I remember picking 'em up last night

Last night was a beautiful night to go out anyway. Warm (70's), no wind, moderately clear skies...BEAutiful. I took 4 kids down to my mom's in Pelican Rapids right after dinner. We got there at about 7:30 p.m., made our delivery and then dragged mom out to the park with us. What a blast especially since mom babysat Winston, my dachshound brat, for us while we played.

3 little monkeys

cute, huh?

Whoa, there fella




and, "I can do it too"

Go ahead, push me around, hehe

We hung out there for half and hour or so then decided we had to head back. Look what I found on the drive home:


need I say more?

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