Saturday, June 6, 2009

Help me Karla, help, help me Karla

It's cold, gray and the kids went home early. What on earth shall I do?? I actually have time on my hands and I don't know how to handle it.

A nice hot, extended, relaxing shower later and it hits me (as I look in the mirror - no it did not break)...GO TO THE SPA. Not only do I deserve it, but I NEED it as proven by the quick look in the mirror - no it did not break). Here's what I saw: 1. my hair was faded with colors of red and gold blending to orange (eewe) 2. one eyebrow 3. finger nails in need of major attention 4. feet, well let's just say my hubby won't go near them. Anyway, I think you get the picture: I NEED to go to the salon at the very least.

The phone call: ring, ring ---"hello, thank you for calling Serenity Salon and Day Spa. This is Lindsey. May I help you?"

My response: "I hope so, but I am probably beyond help. This is Terrie, and I am wondering if by any chance can you or Karla fit a miracle into your schedule today?"

Lindsey: "haha, you always want right now service. Gimme a second and let me talk with Karla - what all do you want done?

I gave Lindsey my list of wants and pretty soon she came back to the phone and said: "Karla said she can fit you in and we will get it ALL done. Be here at 12:30."

Like I'm gonna pass that up. I was there at 12:15, but I brought my son with me to see if I could press my luck. What do you think the possibilities are that they could fit in a hair cut for him. He is shaggy to say the very least!

Haha - you didn't think she'd do it, did ya? Well, what can I say, they love me and Karla fit Max in. He looks like a real jock now - Mr. baseball. I think his new nickname shall be strap. Yup, that's it! Thanks Karla!

Now it's my turn, but "can you wait a minute, I wanna run next door and see if they will service my vehicle for me while I am in here". Wouldn't you be ready to strangle me by now? But, Karla is sooooo sweet she said: "Sure, I'll just get a couple of things together and pour you a glass of white zin. See you in a minute".

Cut, color, facial wax, pedicure with cute design on big toe nails, french tip manicure, a glass of wine, great conversation, lots of laughs, styling tips and a hug - now that's the SPA treatment!

Thanks Karla! You are wonderful.

One more pitch, if you want/need the spa treatment this is who you need to call:

Karla Lehman
Serenity Salon and Day Spa
1123 E. Hwy 10
Detroit Lakes, MN

The place for miracles

That's Karla giving Max a trim

From shaggy to...


Karla - "sure, I'll just do a couple things
while you go next door"

Believe it or not - they look much better

But she's still working on them

Wow, who knew MY feet could look good

That's Lindsey - She's awesome too!
The two customers were great to chat with too!

Nice Tips

cute bag, very dark photo
You didn't think you were gonna
get pictures of me in here did you

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