Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank God for Sundays

Yesterday was a busy, fun-filled day. I always want to make a break from the regular work week on Saturdays. There are almost always an extra 4-8 kids here overnight on Friday and here for the day on Saturday. They are awesome kids and like me they wanna have fun.

With only 4 kids at the house yesterday I decided to pack up a picnic lunch and head out to Buffalo River State Park ( I had the wonderful opportunity to see 4 kids open their eyes in absolute wonder. What a beautiful area.
This is where we went

What fun

The grass is taller than me

Bridge over the river (water is still high)


We ran into some friends

Get that blonde outta here red heads only please!

Well, the kids and I got back to the house at 4:30 P.M. Their parents picked them up shortly there after. What a blast we had.

O.k., now it's time to shift gears, change hats, become "professional"... It's time for graduation. No not mine...The Detroit Lakes High School class of 2009 has officially achieved the status of graduate! As a school board member I had the absolute privilege of being on the stage during their walk. How lucky am I?

DLHS 2009 Graduation

Before the ceremony - getting ready

Uhu, I'm ready

Part of the school board getting their directions
for the ceremony from Doug Froke, supt.

Staff lining up. Trust me there's alot
more staff than this.

Don't they look awesome 210 graduates!


Go Lakers!

See, I need Sundays. I need time to recuperate. I'm going to the flea market and making my husband take me out on the boat. I thank God for Sunday.

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