Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to regularly scheduled program

UMMMM, I mean work week -

Here we are again, back to another work week - shortened for me because I closed the daycare for Memorial Day. My husband served in the Navy, my father served in the Air Force, friends that have served in various capacities in the services and to top that off I also have former daycare and foster care kids that are currently serving in the National Guard Reserves. If that doesn't make me feel old, nothing will! They all deserve my respect!

Well, I opened my eyes at 5 A.M. today to find that it is still raining. That means 12 kids in the house today. FUN, huh. Can you say play dough, craft time, story time, don't eat the marker, haha you do look good in purple face paint. We will have a blast no matter what happens. I will try to snap a few pics as the day goes on.

Ring around the rosie

Ashes, ashes. All fall down.

I've got it!

See, we know how to share

Watch out 8 ball is next

Red paint plus Blue paint equals.....

....Purple gloves

For all of us



  1. Who says I was thinking - you know me- it just pops out...hehe lol! :D