Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mid-way Through the Week

It's Wednesday - Should I look forward to the weekend or back to last?

I know, I've always been a multi-tasker so, how about both?

Last weekend was such a blast. I went to Buffalo River State Park, fishing from the boat, out to eat at Beachfront Bar and Grill, shopping at the flea market - where I went to my fav store, Cheryl Lynns, saw a parade, watched the middle school band play "get on down the road", went through the Avenue of Flags at the Oak Grove Cemetary (beautiful tribute to the fallen soldiers), went to the Memorial Day service at the city park, took my son to Fargo to meet his girl (I went shopping all by myself), and even got my house straightened up. Phew, I'm tired...Goodnite!

Oops. I'm supposed to look forward too. This weekend I think I have 6 kids - lucky for me there are lots of going's on here in town. There is a street faire being held this Saturday and Sunday. Lots of local artisans, musicians, and general vendors display their wares up and down the main streets of Detroit Lakes. I always find it hard to believe there are so many different types of shops set up and removed in such a short time. Looks like a tent village, but what a wonderful village for the shopper in me.

I do think the kids will enjoy walking from the house to the street faire. It's always nice to enjoy some fresh air, get some exercise and see all the people look and stare (1 adult and how many kids?).

Once at the street faire they will have many things to ask me to buy for them. It goes something like this: 'Terrie, please, please buy this for me. My mommy won't ever by me things, but you're nice, pretty please? I really need it. Why don't you ever buy me anything?' then approximately 30 seconds later an other object will be held up with the same chorus being sung.

And I want to take them why???? Because they will experience different people, cultures, music, and there's kiddie rides. They will get to have street vendor foods such as karmel korn, OOfda Taco's, Italian Ice....MMMM now I'm hungry---Be Right Back.......

O.k., now back to the street faire with the kids. As for the kiddie rides - they generally have a train, which is a bunch of small cars pulled by a tractor; a couple of bouncy blow up thingys; and the horse and carriage rides (my personal favorite - yes, I am a kid too).

The parents will be here to pick up the kids before I even realise that my time has passed. They will wonder what the heck happened to their wonderful angels as they are now all hyped up on cotton candy, soft drinks and sensory stimulation from the fare. But what a blast we will have had.

Is it Saturday yet?

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