Saturday, May 23, 2009



That's what's left before we leave for San Pedro, Belize. With each passing day I seem to be getting even more excited. Pretty soon someone will have to peel me off the ceiling.

The reason I am currently stuck on this subject is because of my mail carrier. His name is Fingleson (I think I've got it right). Anyway, he walks up to the house carrying 2 post boxes and a couple of envelopes and says "hey, looks like you've got goodies here". When I see exactly what he is handing to me I can't seem to contain my joy.

"Woo Hoo, I can't wait to go to Belize, San Pedro here I come". I couldn't help it, the words just fell out of my mouth like blocks being toppled by a toddler.

The look on Fingleson's face immediately expressed his querry - 'what the heck are you talking about'. "Oh, when are you going to Belize?" and "have you ever been before?" were the actual words that were uttered.

With just a bit of blush entering my face, my response was swift and thorough. "I will be there from June 12th until the 22nd. Sorry, you just handed me an order that I was asked to bring down to the San Pedro Town Library. Yes, I have been down there before and have learned that it is a great place with great people and there are so many great ways to be a part of paradise. I will be bringing down some books for the teen population and a few other items for the library. What a way to feel connected."

Here's how I got "connected" to paradise:

I was fortunate enough to go to Belize with my husband and his band a couple of years ago. During that trip I was able to meet a number of community oriented people including Taco Girl, Taco Boy, a number of resort owners and so on. I have spent numerous hours on the Ambergris Caye Message Board ( Ambergris Caye Message Board talking with other visitors, regulars, ex-patriots, and nationals. I have met some unbelievable people on this board, a few nuts, but what a great virtual community that board is.

Anyway, I saw a post by Pam Killen on the board asking if someone might be able to bring down some books for the library. I have never been to the SP library, but, hey, I am going down there. I can bring some books. Books are great. If you can read you can do anything.

I can't wait to meet Pam and Vanessa at the library.

I am soooo Excited!

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It'll get here...just have to have patience. ARGH...Can I borrow yours????

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