Friday, May 22, 2009

Kids are so darned...


Think about the word cute. Let pictures pop into your mind. Cuddly kittens, snuggly bunnies, miniture horses, baby chicks, and of course your child (when they were young, moldable, agreeable, well-fed, well-rested, smiley, and well you get the picture).

I plan to put a picture of my kids here from when they were "cute". You know by now that this will happen_____ when I get around to it, haha. I think it's quite obvious I have figured out how to post pictures, now it's just "doing it". Yeah, ME!

Now think about 12 runny nosed, 1-5 year old stinkers, that belong to other people, running through your house each day. I know what you're thinking - "how can I get that many cuties to come to my house?" right?

No, I am not sadistic or any thing like that. I just think kids, for the most part, are CUTE! I have been doing child care for 13+ years and loving most of the minutes of it. (notice I did not say I was loving "EVERY" minute of it - again, I am not sadistic here). You just never know what they will do, what they will say, what wonders they will discover or what they ate and is now in their - well you get the picture, phewuuwe!

A few cases in point:

Father to son while video taping child's 3rd birthday: "Hey Max, say happy birthday to me"
Son to father, directly into the viedo camera: "happy birthday daddy"

22 month old walking down the steps, holding the rail, side stepping all the way; feet get tangled, minor stumble then the unthinkable utterance from this cutie's mouth "damn it".

"I not a person, I Angew" (My interpretation of how he says his name - Andrew)

"She just called me Kaylynn. Some people call me that ya know."
reply: "well what do others call you?"
What ever they want, but I answer to Kaylynn or KK"

"Here, I picked you some flowers."
reply: "Thanks, they are beautiful, I love dandilions".
"But aren't dandilions weeds, that's what my parents told me"
reply: "yes, but they are beautiful"
"well, that explains why you have so many in your yard - you like them"

"are worms good to eat?"
reply: "alright, who's eating worms?"

"Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. So, I can't drink out of that cup, it's only for boys."
reply: "then why are you wearing a blue shirt"
"Sometimes I think my mom forgets I am a girl"

"he hit me" - "did not" - "did too" - "did not" - "did too" - "yeah, well you pushed me" - "Yeah, well you took my toy away" - "but you weren't playing with it" - "but I was going to, and I was playing with it before you" - "no you weren't" - "yes I was" - "no you weren't" - "yes I was, earlier, before we ate" - "but you weren't playing with it now" - "that's because you took it" - "but no one was playing with it when I took it" - "but I was going to - so give it back"
(did you know this conversation/arguement could go on for ever and nearly does)

"The sun is too bright, can you turn it down?" (obviously he had light dimmers in his home)

"what time is it?" - "is it time to go yet?" then of course when I am ready to this is what happens: "wait, I'm not ready" - "I need to do just one more thing" etc.

the baby had such a great laugh, hahahahaha little belly giggle and her legs are constantly on the go, totally excited - I nick-named her minihaha from kikapoo.

Everyone's favorite: "fire *uck"
I have a great group of kids! Pictures to come later. Once you see them I am sure you'll say "kids are so darned CUTE!

Here's some of the kiddo's pics, some are current some are past all of them are DARNED CUTE!

Why is she crying?

Oh, that's why!

He's smiling; what's he up to?

You can't make me smile

Purple is good

Caught ya!

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