Friday, May 29, 2009

Lake Shirts Parade

Everybody loves a parade! We are no different. As soon as I read that there would be a community parade celebrating one of our local companies achievements, I knew we would have to be there!

Mistake #1 Telling the kids in advance about the plan
Mistake #2 Scheduling an appointment with a program provider one hour prior to parade start
Mistake #3 Not bringing enough bags for candy collection

Pay off ---- Priceless! The kids loved it!

We had been watching our high school band practice for about a week prior to this parade (not knowing why they were marching around the neighborhood). The kids were thrilled to see them in the parade. By the way - great job DLHS Band and kudos to director, Heather Trowbridge.

The majority of the parade entrants threw out candies for the kids along the parade route. My group ended up making out like bandits. Ever try to catch a kid that's hyped up on sugar. Thankfully it was almost time for them to go home for their parents to deal with. I am sure they will thank me later, hehe. I will just tell them to: Thank Lake Shirts!

My beautiful crew
(big red stroller and dog included)

Detroit Lakes High School Band

What a group
This vehicle in honor of Patricia Warren

Zorbas/Lake Shirts

Yes - inventory is what it's about


Dress shirts :)

Great Dane!

Hanging out at the lake -Tanks

Wildlife shirts

Animal print shirts
(for humans, of course)

Hunting for Pink flamingos
cleaning house??

Novel T's

Sports shirts

Button down shirts for the rider in you

Rockin' shirts

'round here ya never know if it's
summer or winter- shirts

The crazy things we do - shirts

The candy scramble

Detroit Lakes finest

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