Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So, why blog?

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

You may have even noticed in my comment section a fellow blogger that congratulated me on my inaugural post. The comment very plainly states a very good reason for blogging and I quote: "Welcome to the world of wasted time but as I told a friend of mine that blogging is cheaper than therapy and booze!" And thank you, CBT, for your encouragement.

As for me, I truly don't know why anyone would care to read about my daily goings, but I can truly say...I have fun being me. Follow along and see why.

Daughter, wife, mother, friend, child care provider, foster parent, school board member, Mary Kay consultant and just plain ME! It's great to be ME!

I have a wonderful husband that has been with me for an amazing 16 years. Together we have 1 child (14) and I have a bonus child who is now a woman with a degree. (I am way too young for that) She graduated last weekend with her degree in Instrumental Music Education, WOW! My mom, well, she helped me become who I am - and by the way, I like being ME! Then there are the friends and colleagues - what a group - awesome! I am surrounded by fantastic people.

Pictures to come later, I think, if I can figure it all out..........

I think I figured it out. Let's see if this works:

Wonderful Husband, Kerry
(the one in print)

The 14 year old, Max
(attached to cell phone as always)

Newly degreed bonus daughter, Lindsay
(look at that bling)

This is ME. Real name Terrie
(I really don't do photos much)

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