Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Suspect Honesty of Teens

Yup, that's what I said "suspect honesty". Kids are far too often looked at with a suspicious eye. They look different, act different and are searching for their own way in life by the time they reach their teen years. Heaven helped our parents get through our teenageism (a disease brought on by a determined # of years of life, approx. 13, and generally ending by 20th year of life).

This is a cycle that has occurred through out history. Kids know there must be a better way to live life than the way their parents do. Parents know the kids are just out to drive them insane with their antics. Adults on the outside looking in just look in wonder and amazement at the two cultures clashing all the while hoping they don't get any on them. :)

What do these things bring to mind:

  1. A group of teen boys hanging out by a muscle car, music cranked
  2. A mixed group of teens hanging out by a muscle car, rap music cranked
  3. A mixed group of teens hanging out by a muscle car after dark
  4. A teen couple sitting in a car at dusk in a remote area
  5. A teen boy dressed in black with chains hanging from his clothing
  6. A teen girl dressed in short, tight clothing
  7. A group male teens walking through town with baseball bats
  8. A group of teen girls giggling through the mall - not one of them looks like she has eaten a meal in forever
  9. a lone teen, male or female, walking sullenly down the street, unkempt, tears in their eyes wandering aimlessly

I know, you immediately thought: Wow, look at that great kid or group of kids, huh?

Look again at the list and think about the post title "The Suspect Honesty of Teens". Kids don't hide themselves (thoughts, feelings or otherwise) very well. Often there are reasons for teens to dress and act in particular ways.

  1. Hanging out at the park with the boy with the muscle car: COOL.
  2. Wearing chain drive black clothing: need someone to ask me what's up, maybe depressed, angry or just plain like the style (is that really possible?).
  3. Teen girls in short tight clothing: want to be noticed, experimenting with sexuality, going out to the beach to do some tanning, hmmm.
  4. Teen couple sitting in the vehicle in remote areas: Better hope the parents had "the talk" or they could be discussing calculus.
  5. Teen boys walking through town with a baseball bat: duh, pick-up game, unless of course it's a gang and then you can expect other gear to come out as well not just the bats.
  6. Skinny girls giggling through the mall: Fasion conscious, media fed, social divas?
  7. The sullen, aimless, tearful, unkempt teen: Please, someone ask questions - this person needs someone to talk to, they just got into a fight with their girlfriend/boyfriend or parents in which case they need someone to talk to. they are depressed/suicidal and they need someone to talk to. And the list goes on: They need someone to talk to.

So, what do you do when you receive a phone call from a couple of teen girls that say they have just found a check made out to you and they would like to return it? True story:

I had a check for $398 from one of my daycare clients that I was going to deposit in my account. I endorsed it and put it in my pocket then started getting the kids ready to go for a walk to the bank (the kids like suckers from the bank and like to stop at the park and the pet store on the way home). With kids loaded up, we went to the bank only to find the check was no longer in my pocket....ARGH! Not the kids fault and I can call the client and let her know. Of course I would pay the cancel fee, but ARGH!!!!!

So, off we went to the park to play, then home (we searched the ground as we walked for the missing check, heck maybe I left it on the counter at home) for lunch. No check to be found anywhere, bummer! I picked up my phone to call the client and found there was a message so I listened intently to the caller: A TEEN GIRL. The message went something like this:

"hehehe, uhhh, Terrie, this is , uhhhhh, Kiki and , uhhhhhh Whitney and I found a 400 dollar check made out to you. We thought you might like it back. We stopped by your house, but you were not there so call us when you get back."

The check was SIGNED - They could have CASHED it - They BROUGHT IT BACK TO ME not once but twice they came to my house to make sure I got it back. Oh, and by the way, they knew they could have cashed it - one of them "reminded" me not to sign a check prior to being at the bank or something like this may end up with someone not being as honest.

These girls were honest! I have known both of these girls for a number of years in a very casual manner (something to do with baseball teams). Both come from different backgrounds with different life stories, but both came to the same conclusion - HONESTY BENEFITS us ALL!

I rewarded their honesty with $20 each. A small pittance in comparison to what they could have had should they have chosen to just cash my check. What they gained from their honesty is immeasurable - strength of character!

Thanks girls!

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