Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another day almost over

I am Totally tired! Wiped out! Exhausted! Are you getting the picture?

It is 11p.m. and I am just sitting down with the computer for the first time today with nothing else to avert my attention - unless you count "Saturday Night Live" (I had to ask my son how "they" spelled NIGHT - it could have been "nite"). I think I need my pillow!

Well, I took the kids (meaning my respite kids and my son and nephews) to Pelican Rapids for a full day of activities. First item on the agenda was to find a parking space. Talk about luck, we got a spot right outside the park. Amazing!

Once that feat had been accomplished time to soothe the beast that is a motorhead. There were wonderful vehicles throughout the park including the only corvette worth having, IMHO, a 1967. I think Eddie was pleased with the variety of vintage rides to feast his eyes on and wrap his mind around. The rest of us ooo'd and awed plenty of times during the viewing. Even the little ones had a favorite it was a Bel Air that was red and white don't ask me what year it was, but it was in mint condition - beautiful! I got a couple of pics of the Nephews with a GTO Judge that was not even in the show, but it should have been.

Next up: meet up with Mema (my mom - my son gave her that name and it stuck). She works at the Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce ( ) It was fun to see her at her place of business. She looked like she knew what she was doing :) Anyway we set plans to meet up later on to have some turkey in the park, it is Turkey Days you know!

Quick, off to the water wars. Had to meet up with Tiffany over there! It was awesome to put my arms around her and let her know we are still behind her! Then of course we wanted to watch at least part of the water wars. I thought for sure the PRFD would win - who knows though, I did see them loose one round. Things that make you go hmmmm.

MOM??? Where are you??? Well, we are at the park getting food - you were supposed to be here. Oh...There you are! The turkey sandwiches were good. It was a fund raiser for the Pelican Rapids Rotary projects. Great job folks!

Food, fun, family, fast and fabulous cars - what more could a person ask for???

Answer: Shoes from Fargo, Demolition Derby in Detroit Lakes, and Fishing at Bucks Mill! YES, my son and nephews are being spoiled, and I am proud to be the one doing it! Tomorrow...Itasca State Park.

In the mean time - bed!

Nitey nite!


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