Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Go, go, go...

It's not like I didn't do enough running with the kids Saturday, but I did it again on Sunday. July 12, I took the kids up to Itasca State Park. The weather looked as though it was not going to cooperate, but as we all know looks can be deceiving. The day turned out to be perfect - but like good little scouts, we were prepared for anything weather related.

On the way up there I saw the billboard for "The Logging Camp" restaurant. I had been wondering where it was considering I had been there one time a number of years ago as part of a large group from our family. I did not drive there at that time and therefore did not pay much attention to it's location (btw, it is well off the beaten path). I enjoyed it then and was quite happy to have another helping and allow my nephews their first experience there.

The atmosphere at "The Logging Camp" will take you back 100+ years. As you walk through the grounds you can take in the sights of a formerly working logging camp. Things such as logging chains (huge and heavy), logging sleds, sheds, coups for the chickens (chickens included).

The mess hall other small artifacts that really set this place apart as well. There are signs noting what the "rules" were such as no spitting, no alcohol and no talking. (the no talking one is not enforced - sorry men!). The tables are long bench, farm style split logs. Then there are the place settings all in metal - cups included.

The food is made from scratch and is served family style. The limited menu does not limit the value! The Menu: Meats: Ribs, Roasted Chicken with Stuffing, Pork, Ham, and Roast Beef. Added to that are the sides: Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Pasta Salad, Green Onions, Dinner Rolls, Cornbread, and a blueberry spread that is unbelievable! Drinks include: Lemonade, Water, Coffee (don't bother asking for an alcoholic beverage - they weren't allowed in logging camps). For desert a fresh hot doughnut just right to top things off! The limited menu does not limit the value, the meats and sides are all you can eat in as many combinations as you care to make. YUMMY!

By the way, did I ever tell you that I like to eat? I actually plan trips around food. On this one I just got lucky!

Well, we did make it to Itasca and had a blast playing in the Mississippi Headwaters, hiking and biking around the park and doing a bit of fishing (sorry, no fish for you). What fun!

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