Friday, July 10, 2009

Neat Nephews

What???? Boys that are tidy - NO WAY! But my nephews from Atlanta are 2 of the coolest kids ever. Here are some of the reasons that I use to support my position:
  • They are very intelligent as proven by their acceptance to advance track classes
  • They are into classic rock music and I mean into it. They can discuss the bands, the music, the instrumentation, the names of the songs and on it goes.
  • They are quite capable of taking care of themselves.
  • They are very independent minded.
  • They are confident and sure of themselves.
  • They are as different as night and day.
  • They are siblings being raised by a widower father - who I might say is doing a great job allowing them to be themselves rather than carbon copy cutouts.
  • They are cute as all get out. Chuck is the younger one, has long curly brown hair and a smile and personality that is beyond magnetic. Edward is the older brother - always looking out for the younger one but still getting his licks in. Eddie has straight, short, black hair and is quite the conversationalist.
I have had the pleasure of having them visiting for almost 2 weeks now. This has been the case for the past couple of years. I love having them come up to hang out with me. They are so outgoing that even the flight attendants fall in love with them during the short flight between Atlanta and Minneapolis.

Here they are visiting me, but I am continuing my work with the kids I take care of for daycare and respite foster care. By that I mean that I am busy with other kids all the time. You'd think they would be bored outta their mind, aggravated by all the other rug-rats or outright frustrated at not being able to go sightseeing. But, not these guys, rather they want to go ride bikes around town, go to the community center to swim, go to the city park to play or swim at the beach, go eat lunch at one of the local eateries (on their own), and they even check in with me from time to time to make sure I don't worry.

The other thing I truly love is that they eat what I fix for dinners - NO COMPLAINTS! The worst I have heard is "I don't much care for that, may I only have a small amount". WHAT? No "eewe, yuck, gross, ugh, blah and etc."

These boys have been nothing but respectful even when I have had to scold them for being too loud during "quiet time" for the daycare or for running through the house. The usual response has been a short silence, hung head, and a "sorry", followed by a "yes ma'am" to given instruction. WOW! I love it! They even come home when they are told to. Really, they do!

To be sure Edward and Chuck are 100% BOY! The bikes they are using may be in pieces by the end of their stay. All of the frisbies and other toss toys will certainly be on the roof of the house. And each child will have their share of sibling inflicted hand-stars and bruises. Not to mention they have an older cousin that loves to get in there and pick on them too. Can you say wrestlemania - Gosh I hope not, but you get the idea anyway.

I am certainly having fun with them being around. Sundays is our sightseeing day. We do, however, take the respite foster kids with us for some of the shorter trips on Saturday. As a matter of fact tomorrow there is a car show and a Turkey Days Festival in Pelican Rapids. There is no way I would be allowed to forgo these events as Eddie is quite the motorhead. We will have a blast even with the extra kiddos!

Hey, Jeff (my brother for those of you that don't know) nice job with the boys - thanks for letting me borrow them.

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