Friday, August 7, 2009

Where's Waldo??

O.K., so I fell off the face of the earth again (see the earth is flat, haha). I am finally back in the blogosphere for the time being. Thought I'd take the time to let you know what has been happening.

Last I know I had been telling you about my nephews visit up here with me. Being from Atlanta, GA they are quite accustomed to nice warm weather in the summer. (yes, I am getting ready to rag on Mother Nature again). The high temperature averaged around 72 degrees the entire time they were here (3 weeks). With several mid sixty degree days and maybe 2 80ish days - let it suffice to say - burrrrr.

Weather aside, we had a blast together. Of course I still had my daycare going full bore along with the respite care that I do on the evenings and weekends, but we had plenty of time to go do things - We went to Turkey Days in Pelican Rapids, Itasca State Park (Mississippi Headwaters), and a number of trips to Fargo, ND for what ever reason we could think come up with.

I miss the Eddie and Chuck. They are wonderful boys, with lots of energy. They sure kept me busy - like I am not used to that - right? They went back to their Dad in Atlanta on July 19 - I truly tried to keep them, but my brother balked at that. ;(

Well, since they left I have been burried in kids, school board meetings, keeping up the house and best of all losing weight! Not that I have been intentionally trying to lose weight, it's just been happening. Woo Hoo! Oh yeah...The other best thing...We bought a 15 seat passenger van! I can get all the kids in one vehicle...another big Woo Hoo!

Will try to keep things more up to date... as with most things there are no real guarantees, but I will try ;)

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  1. alright kiddo, time to get back on the keyboard and scribe some words. Winter is coming and we are going to need an excuse not to 'go postal on someone' so get to it!