Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's Try This Again

O.K., It has been like forever since I wrote on this site. I don't know what the deal is, maybe I just needed a break. But then again, how could that be? This is my therapy, right????

So here's what I'm thinking...

I got busy taking care of my mom toward the end of 2009 (which by the way is when I stopped blogging.

My kids (daycare and my own teenager) have kept me hopping. They are a blast!

Mom passed away in May of 2010 - gave me a break, but more like a breakdown :( But she is definitely in a better place!

We didn't make it to Belize last year - another bummer!!! Maybe this year, but my teenager seems to think he needs to go on these honor choir trips and trips to see a girl, etc. that eat up my travel money (what's up with that?)

Of course, my teenager has turned 16 now argh....another reason for a breakdown (I swear I am NOT getting old!)

I love my husband - he tries his darndest to keep me grounded (hello...look at the name of this blog - just try to keep a butterfly on the ground ;)

The school board is an interesting creature all of it's own. I love being involved. What a learning curve with all the legal issues and the mandates from the state and federal levels not to mention the finance and operations. Whew - keeps one's mind occupied for sure!

Now I am going to start on one more journey - I am going to get my MCA - an accreditation for my childcare. It is a bunch of classes that takes place over the next two years and is equal to the Child Care Development Accreditation but it just so happens that I can handle the timeframe for the MCA. I can't wait - I start tomorrow night.

O.k. Are we back up to speed??? I know that is a very brief synopsys of what has been going on, but.....

I will try to post again in the next day or so! Maybe even with pics!

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